Well, I think the most important thing I can say about myself is that I love learning and I really love creating things.

And, as I can’t stay away from writing the best code I’m able to, you can find me almost every day on GitHub, contributing to open-source projects and also helping to translate and produce content for other developers.

I’m also a core maintainer of Chai.js, one of the most downloaded NodeJS modules and the most famous assertion-focused library around, with outstanding 3,5 million monthly downloads and lots of dependents. Being part of such a huge project has not only helped me to learn how to manage an Open Source community but also made me understand difficulties other people had when trying to test their software and then think of ways I could help them to solve their problem.

Now, as a Software Engineer, I still find my testing experience very useful to write code that has fewer bugs in less time, and I hope I can teach you a trick or two which may save the whole world (or just your job) one day!

If you’re interested in any subject I’ve ever written on this website or even if you just want to talk feel free to contact me on any of the social network profiles below.