Hello, I’m Lucas 👋

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I’m a Brazilian software engineer living in London.

I write JavaScript most of the time, and I’m passionate about open-source. For the past few years, I have been a maintainer of Chai.js and Sinon.js. I’m very active on GitHub and have contributed to numerous projects, including Jest and NodeSchool.

As an author, I’ve written Testing JavaScript Applications, a book published by Manning Publications.

I like opinionated books, beautiful code, well-engineered prose, command-line interfaces, and vim. In fact, I like vim so much that I got a :w tattoed on my ankle.

Content that I own is always up for grabs. Universities and online courses use some of these posts as reference material, and you can do the same if you want.

I have been voluntarily translated into many languages, including Russian, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. If you wish to translate any of these posts, you don’t need to ask for permission.

Everything I produce belongs to the internet. It has made me who I am, and, therefore, it deserves all I have.