This is one of my favorite talks ever! In it, I address why JavaScript fatigue happens, how to deal with it and I also trace its causes by analyzing the way we write software and the history of the web.

I also explore our goals as software engineers, the UNIX philosophy and other very interesting philosophical questions in our industry.

This talk has also been the inspiration for one of the most read blog posts I’ve ever written, which you can find right here.

By the way, speaking at NebraskaJS 2017 was an amazing experience!

It was one of the best JavaScript conferences I have ever been to. The staff was very gentle and well prepared, they paid attention to every single detail so that everyone could enjoy the conference and make the most out of it.

Great attendees, great talks, great venue, great food, this conference has everything you might ever need from one.

As a speaker, I’ve also gotta say that I have been very well received.

Thank you very much, Nebraska!